E2A has been set to ensure that Africans are able to purchase quality products direct from manufacturers at wholesale prices on even the smallest orders.

The simple aim is to ensure that the money in your pocket can go further in meeting both your needs and desires.

E2A offers wholesale prices on orders for as low as one item, with an efficient and cost effective express delivery service. E2A currently offers thousands of products from many different industries, including the following: Handbags, Lingerie, Shoes, Watches & Jewellery, Wedding Dresses & Accessories.

Typically over 95% of the clothing and footwear sold in the USA & Europe is manufactured in the Far East. It is then shipped over to the USA & Europe, and then after USA & European shipping charges and custom duties have been added to the price, it is marked up by 300% to 400% and brought over to Africa where it is marked up again before being sold.

So we then have the rather bizarre situation where although USA & European citizens are significantly richer than Africans, similar items retail in Africa at much higher prices than they retail for in the USA & Europe. The end result is that with the exception of the richest 1% of Africans, 99% of Africans find it very difficult to experience a wide retail range of quality products at value for money prices

By sourcing directly from the manufacturers a wide range of quality products, partnering with efficient and effective logistic partners, and only adding a very low mark-up, we are able to offer our customers a first world retail experience, whereby quality products can be purchased at wholesale prices.

Everybody is a winner, and the only people unhappy are other wholesalers and retailers who you are able to bypass and deprive of their high mark-ups.

Happy Shopping!