Gift Registry


Perfect present presents for every occasion

Whether you’re getting married, celebrating a new arrival, a big birthday or any important milestone in your life such, as an anniversary, we have a gift registry for every occasion.

So set up your Gift Registry today – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Create an account on the site via www.e2ang.com/my-account/ (or by clicking the “login/register” button at the header).

2. Complete the “Gift Registry Info” form. Click “Save” when done.

3. Complete both Shipping and Billing Addresses via the “Addresses” button.

4. Visit shop, click on any item, select options for the item and click “add to gift registry”, just below the “add to cart” button. Repeat #4 for as many items as possible, then visit your gift registry page to share via email.

5. Sit back, and as your family & friends choose & pay for the items on your list, we’ll send you email notifications to keep you updated, and deliver to your door the items that they buy for you

6. And once your family and friends have bought a minimum of twelve gifts for you, we’ll give you either a FREE gift or Gift Card, that is equivalent to at least the average value of all the gifts bought for you

7. Gift Registry FAQ

Create a Gift Registry

Manage your registry

Buy a gift from a registry